Hellraiser 4 : Bloodline

Hellraiser 4 : BloodlineHellraiser 4 : Bloodline tells the birth of the “Puzzle”. The story is told into three different period like the sequence of story in “The Fountain” movie.

The story started in the 22nd century, where in Dr. Paul Merchant created the ultimate space station to destroy the Lament configuration. He was having his test on the machine that he have created when he suddenly interrupted by a group of space soldiers. In the space scene he started to tell the Bloodline. He narrates and explain the origin of the Merchant family and the puzzle box.

The curse in the puzzle box started in 18th Century in France Merchant who is a toymaker created the puzzle box. The box was requested by a sadistic French aristocrat command the demon Angelique. Incidentally, Angelique is some sort of Hell Princess that once ruled Hell.

Fast forward to 1996, another Merchant, who is an architect built a building designed like the puzzle box. Pinhead shows up to him and try to kill his son.

Back to 22nd Century Pinhead appears and tried to destroy the death trap for him.

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