The Fountain

The FountainThe Fountain is a symbolic tale of man's thousand year quest to save the life of the woman he loves. The tale is split into three different periods – each from the past, present and future. The man played different characters in each periods.

First period is a man in 16th century Spanish conquistador named Thomas who explore the Mayan land to find the Biblical Tree of Life under the orders of his Queen Isabella believing that the tree grant eternal life to those who drink its sap. The Queen hopes that Tomas' success in finding the tree of life will bring back the secret to eternal life and also will give opportunity to defeat the encroaching forces of the Spanish Inquisition, who want to replace her with a more pliable king or queen.

Another man in 21st century Tommy Creo, a neuro-scientist who is desperately searching for a cure to his dying wife Izzi, who is suffering from from brain-cancer and makes some progress after experimenting on a monkey with a substance discovered in a tree in South America. Meanwhile, Izzi has been writing a book that she calls THE FOUNTAIN, but has left the final chapter and die.

The third man in 25th century is Tom, an astronaut journeys in self-contained, translucent biosphere through the outer reaches of space. He is transporting the aged Tree of Life through the depths of space.

The three man were connected by romantic love and obsession. Same man who re-incarnate in different century who fell in love with the same woman from their past, present and future life.

Tagline use in The Fountain

“What If You Could Live Forever?”

Movie Review : The Fountain

When you watched this movie, you will be confused because three stories are not told in linear order, but in a circular, swirling pattern. At first I thought that the stories happen in the same century but as the story continue I realized the sequence of the story.

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Erik Samdahl said...

Thought The Fountain was good, but wasn't nearly as good as I was expecting. A little too weird to the point where it almost seemed forced.


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