Have you ever imagine yourselves eating your food that is cooked by a rat?

Well, even just thinking of it was so disgusting. Rats was so dirty and almost everyone don't like them. When someone saw a rat they shout and their body almost shaken. If you would ask me, I'm one of them who really don't like rats. But here's one of my favorite movie review about rat who dreams to become a chef.

Ratatouille tells the story of a rat named Remy he has a taste for culinary delights not like the other rats on their colony who enjoys eating leftovers and food from the garbage. One day while looking for some spice for his latest culinary effort. He saw chef Auguste Gusteau on tv and was convinced that everyone can cooked and he has what it takes to follow the footstep of chef Gusteau. While watching TV, the owner of the house was awake and saw him and shot them with her gun which lead him to be separated to his friends and his colony.

Now, Remy was alone for the first time and doesn't know where to go until the ghost of Gusteau appear. And see himself situated in the sewers directly beneath Gusteau's restaurant and he discovers that he's always wanted to be in the restaurant. But unfortunately rat is not welcome in any restaurant.

While looking at the kitchen's window he saw a young chef that has no talent at all in cooking so he help him to produced different dishes. But soon, their secret has been revealed and also the secrets of a young chef who is the son of chef Gusteau. Soon the restaurant has been close because of that secret, but they open a new restaurant named Ratatouille, where in the chef is Remy.

Movie Review : Ratatouille

This movie tells as that everyone can cooked as long as you put your passion on it. No matter who you are and what you are. Remy proves that to us, that he can cooked even his a rat and everyone don't like his colony. The new restaurant that has been open was known from it's chef Remy. People go to their place even they know the chef was a rat and they don't care anymore on who he is because he can cooked a delightful dishes that everyone loves to eat.


Five Arts said...

Hello! I'm a fellow movie reviewer. Want to link some how?

psyche said...

I appreciate your work so much, it is absolutely beautiful and very informative. In your review about Ratatouille, Remy was emphasized a lot which is good because he is the protagonist in the movie...I admire that brilliant rat...

Darkwell said...

A rat with an attitude to cook his own food, now that something you won't see everyday. I like this little guy...

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