Hostel 2

Hostel 2Hostel 2 was recently released in theater on June 8, 2007. A blackly comic sequel which is directed by Eli Roth. It is a continuation of murder as a merchandise available to people that can afford it. Killing is not just a symbolic substitution but as an active replacement to human desire as well. This film is totally full of torturing and suffering of the victims.

The story starts with three American students who's studying art in Rome was sketching nudes. After their class, the three girls have an opportunity to experience Europe firsthand. As they set out on the train for their weekend trip they meet the beautiful model that they had been sketching on their class. The three girls had been invited by her to join her at a remote hostel in Slovakia. However, their idea of relaxing turns into nightmare. What they get is a torture and suffering when they are sold to the highest bidder who's fondest wish is to kill them slowly.

There is only one girl who survive, she pay for her life and join the club. However, joining the group has one condition she also have to kill. So, she pay for the life of the model who bring them on that place to revenge.

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