Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth

Hellraiser 3: Hell on EarthAfter the confrontation of Pinhead with “Channad” in Hellraiser 2, he is back in the most diabolical Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth. Now his personality is split into two, his good side wanders dreamland and his evil side trapped in the pillar of souls.

Pinhead's is now having a chance to escape in the torture pillar when a New York night club owner purchased it.

Soon thereafter, a TV reporter Joey Summerskill is assigned in major stories when a bloodied teenage boy is rushed into the emergency room. She saw a chain hook in the body of a teenage boy and suddenly she saw the body explosion. The next day she attempt to track down Terri, the girl who bring the bloodied teenage boy, who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of J.P , the one who buys the torture pillar.

Terri presents to Joey a puzzle box that can unleash the demonic spirits known as Cenobites, which she removed from the pillar before leaving J.P.'s apartment. Meanwhile, J.P is looking at the pillar and saw a hole on it and try to put his hands on the hole, not knowing that there is a rat inside the hole. His hands was bite by the rat and some blood shed on the pillar which awakened the Spirit of Pinhead. J.P was convinced by him to sacrifice a young girl so that he can completely escape his cage in the pillar. But at the end he became the victim of Pinhead.

After Joey discovered that the puzzle box has the power to send back demons to hell, he become the heroine and turn back Pinhead and his Cenobites in hell. But before it happen she was trick by Pinhead by disguising as the ghost of her father. But Spencer's spirit reappears and recombines his self to his evil side Pinhead, and Joey manages to send them all to hell. After that incident she submerges the puzzle box into white cement so that no one can use it again.

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