Doll Master

Ever since, I really love to watched horror film and mostly of the films that I've watched was an American Film. But I also find Asian horror film is much scary when it comes to ghost stories. I just don't like the kind of ghost that has white face, I think it was exaggerated. Doll is one of the Asian horror film that I like it's the Doll Master.

Doll Master is a 2004 horror film of South Korea directed by Yong-Ki Jeong. It tells the story of five young people invited in a remote doll museum to be the models of dolls. They were too excited to pose to be the doll model without knowing that they were invited because someone wants to revenge on them.

The museum is located in the middle of the beautiful forest and the surroundings looks like the place in fairy tales. They meet a strange doll maker in a wheelchair, her dedicated helper and a mysterious doll in red that looks like a real human. Some other dolls become real and try to kill the five guest.

Sooner, the five young visitors find out that they all came from the same village knowing the same stories about a doll that have its own spirits. There's one survivor who find out the real reason why they were invited in the museum.

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