Hellraiser 5 : Inferno

Hellraiser 5 : Inferno follows the investigation of Detective Joseph Thorne, who's involved in a sequence of murder cases. He is trying to have an ordinary day investigates a brutal murder, visiting his daughter on her room and sleeping with a prostitute. But in one of his cases that he is investigating, he found a little puzzle box and he accidentally opened the box, it started to possess him without knowing.

Continuing his investigation in murder cases, several victims have been found torn to pieces, and a finger is always seen next to each body victims. Though he was trying to find the real killer, we will soon find out that Joseph is not a good person that we know, as he continually cheats on his wife, snorts drugs and double crossed his friends if given an opportunity.

He will eventually discovers that the real killer is himself, which is the other side of him. He finds the reality as he is drawn into series of flashbacks within flashbacks, which really confused the viewers on what is the truth and what is not.

Movie Review on Hellraiser 5 : Inferno

As of now, I already finished watching the series of Hellraiser from part 1 to 5. I can say that Hellraiser 5 : Inferno is the most worse story that I've watched compare to 5 part of Hellraiser that I've watched. I get boring and confused with the story, the story was not tell in a nice sequence. While watching it, you would always think if what is real and what is just an imagination. Well, maybe it's just the style of the director on how to get the attention of the viewers. But to tell the truth, it doesn't caught my attention it makes me think to pass fast forward the video to know the real story.

At first, I was trying to find out, if what is the relationship of Hellraiser 5: Inferno to the previous Hellraiser film and the Cenobites because the plot is different. Mostly in previous Hellraiser film the main focus is on the victims who played the puzzle and suffer tortured made by Pinhead and the Cenobites, but this film is totally different, the demon is inside of Joseph. He was posses by the demons to tortured other people who is connected with him, and it was too late when he find out that he is the real killer.

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