Julia and Frank of Hellraiser Kirsty and Frank of Hellraiser
Hellraiser is a horror film that tells the tale of pain and pleasure, which the basis is the afterworld of ill feeling coupled with sexual ecstasy.

The story starts with Frank Cotton who purchase a puzzle cube while traveling in the foreign lands, Frank is a man who lived his life in search of the ultimate experience in pleasure, he buys the cubes because he believes that the box will give it to him. But after opening it he is killed and his soul was send into hell.

After Franks disappeared his brother, Larry moves back into the old family house together with his wife Julia, the house where Frank died. Julia has been romantically involved with Frank and considered him as true love without the knowledge of his husband. Larry is injured while moving their furniture, his blood was spilled on the place where Frank died. Because of the blood, Frank was resurrected although his body was not yet whole. To fully regenerate himself he needs more human blood, so he ask Julia for help. Julia seduce men and bring them on her home where in Franks stay. Frank needs to be whole again before the Cenobites find him and take him back to hell.

Larry's daughter Kirsty find out that Julia take men in their house to kill them, so everything is in Kirsty's hands to stop Julia and Frank from killing.

Movie Review : Hellraiser

I have seen many new horror movie but this classic movie was the best. Compare to other movies the effects is artistic from the scene that Frank's body was rebuild. I would say that I truly appreciated it, even its classic because the story is unique. It is full of scene that instantly entered the collective nightmares, the puzzle box that opens a path to eternally exquisite torture and the Cenobites themselves with their radically pierced and surgically altered bodies was totally amazing.

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