Rise : Blood Hunter

Rise : Blood Hunter is a supernatural thriller about a female reporter Sadie who had a great success in her first story about the local hipster scene. As a result of the article, she finds herself stumbles upon a dark underground cult of Vampires. And then one day she awakes in the dark and find out that she's not alive but not dead, she's already one of the vampires.

On the other hand, detective Rawlins lost his daughter because of cult of vampires. He was upset of her daughter's death, he vows to find those cults to revenge on them. When Sadie crosses his path, he believes that she is the one who kill her daughter, but soon he realized that she is the one who will lead him to those vampires. Together they will join force and make an agreement, they will kill those members of cult and the leaders and then after killing them, he also needs to kill her.

Movie Review on Rise : Blood Hunter

I was disappointed with this movie, I thought it would really scares me but I find it really boring. There's a lot of vampires movie that I've seen but this was not as good as Van Helsing and Queen of the Damned. I think it's just another movie that wasted my time.

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