Live Feed

Live Feed tells the story of a group friends who are vacationing in an Asian country and stumble into a terror that would see themselves fighting for their lives. While playing billiards in a club one of the guy spills an alcoholic beverage into a very powerful mob boss and start to talk some crap. Miles is undercover cop who is trying to avenge his brothers death requested the guy to calm down and ask them to just leave the club. While walking they saw a motel and they decided top stop there. What they do not now is that there is something strange in that motel and it is also owned by the same mobsters that they stumbled into earlier.

It was too late when they find out that they were seen on the cameras and the place was actually a butcher shop. The mob boss enjoys watching them on the cameras while they were killed live and he eat some parts of victims body.

Movie Review : Live Feed

This movie can be categorize as an adult film because of some adult content and lots of shuttering blood. The movie was totally tortured like in the Hostel by Eli Roth and the cannibalism of Texas Chainsaw Massacre but I would say that this is not as good as the other film that I've mentioned.

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