The 8th Plague

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The 8th Plague is the story of Launa who is investigating in her sister disappearance. After her sister Nikki had gone for three days from camping in the mountain of Halcyon Springs her mind was never been restless. She always dream of something and receiving cryptic cell phone calls from garbled voices that she can never understand. That's why she heads off to small town together with her two other friends to report about the lost of her sister.

She finds out about an abandoned prison where she think that her sister must be at. Together with a cop they ask for the help of a local man named Mason, since he used to guard the prison. They all head to Halcyon Ridge Correctional Facility. But after their arrival, they soon realized that the prison has terrifying ancient evil and lies in to posses anyone who would accidentally reads the bloody symbols on the walls. After reading the bloody symbols the person who reads it will start to chant. This dark forces has been unleashed by previous inmates who's trying to dominate the worlds.

Launa survive the evil in the prison together with the video that her sister recorded on their adventure. She was able to escape to read the symbols on the walls but when she watch the video she was also posses by the evil.

Movie Review : The 8th Plague

The beginning of the story would really tell you that its interesting to watch
The movie has a nice story.
All of the scene was so realistic.
Every scene was fearful and shocking with so many blood shattering everywhere.
Worth watching.

It's not so obvious that I really like this movie based from my comment . I suggest this to all horror fanatic out there. If your ready to watch some shattering blood, then you must watch this.

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