Kevin Parson and Jennifer Peters from Three3 movie

Thr3e movie was based on Ted Dekker novel directed by Robby Henson. It is about a psycho killer who uses riddles and bombs to make his point.

The story started when woman receives a call from a jigsaw-like voice, she was informed that his brother is in danger and needs to solve the riddle. She's given the chance to save the life of his brother and the clue was written on the novel that she had wrote. She runs to the hotdog stand where in the book was located and ask the vendor for a copy of the book. The clue leads her to his brother who has a tape on his mouth inside his car – if she opens the right door within the time limit, he will be save but if not, the car will explodes. Sadly, she had not successfully open the door at a given time, so the car explodes.

Then the story switches to Kevin Parson, a young seminary student who also experiences same cases as Jennifer Peters, the woman whose brother died in the car explosion. The rest of the movie is like a cat and mouse game hunting the real killer. We will see Kevin talking to his girlfriend Samantha about the killer during their childhood who come back and trying to kill him. But in the end revelation will be revealed.

At the end of the story Kevin true identity will be revealed. The two other person that he was telling is just another side of him. It means that Samantha and the killer was just made by his imagination during his childhood.

Movie Review : Thr3e

The truth is, I was really disappointed with this movie. And I was having a regret of watching this. I have seen many horror movies before but this movie was not as good as other film. This must be scary but I don't feel any frighten when I watch this movie. I think the movie has less budget and has no originality for copying the technique of jigsaw of giving riddles to his victims to save life.

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