Material Girls

Material Girls Siters Ava and TanzieMaterial Girls movie about two sisters Ava and Tanzie who enjoys material things like shopping and dating rather than caring to their father's cosmetics company. They lost their fortune when the company had a scandal with their cosmetics products. All of their material things that they used to have was all gone. And they live a fully simple life living with their former family maid.

They are tempted to sell their company's to their father's biggest competitor but end with deciding to investigate on the scandal. They steal files from the company to investigate. Start with calling all the customers who had tested the products and they also talk to the lady who had been the cause of the scandal. Upon investigation they find out that the scandal made by Tommy whom they used to trust because he's the bestfriend and partner of their father.

After revealing all the evidence they finally get back their cosmetics company.

Movie Review : Material Girls

For me the story was so simple and don't really get my attention. But this movie has a lesson that tells the viewer that having the material things could not give you a life time friends. After losing their wealth, they also lost their friends. But they also meet a true friend even if they have no more money at all. It's true that you would only know who's your true friend if you already have nothing but still they're willing to help you in times of trouble.

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mudkipz said...

This movie is quite superficial and shallow plot-wise. Haylie Duff is ugly, and the only thing worth watching this movie for is Hilary.

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