Kate Bekinsale and John Cusack
Before anything else I would like to define serendipity. Serendipity was define as good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. In love we call it Serendipity if we accidentally meet the person who is destined to be our life time partner.

Have you ever thought that you will met your soul mate someday? The one that is destined to be your partner forever. They say that you will know that he/she is your soul mate if you fill complete the first time you saw him/her. In this big world it's really hard to find the one that is meant for you. How far would you travel just to find him/her. And if you find him is it worthy? Would he/she bring happiness to your life and fill the other haft of your heart? But what if you find him/her at the wrong time? You are both committed. How would you proved that you were meant to be? This is the story that would answer all your question about serendipity.

Serendipity is a romance movie that deals with fate, destiny and chance. It is about two people Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Kate Bekinsale) who accidentally met in a department store one Christmas while shopping for gloves in New York. After a night of talking and romancing, they sense that they have chemistry but they are both committed so they decided to test fate by splitting up and seeing if destiny will brought them back together. So Jonathan writes his name in a $5 dollar bill and Sarah writes her name and number in a book entitled Love in the Time of Cholera, and cast both items to the world. They declares that if items comes back to them they were really meant to be together.

Mostly of the scene is consists of repeated coincidences that fate leads them but they don't actually meet. Years pass by, and have their own lives - Jonathan is in New while Sarah is in San Fransisco and they're both engaged to be married. They still hope up to the last minute of their wedding that fate reunite them together. Jonathan enlist the help of his best man to track down the girl that he can't forget at the shopping store. While Sarah ask her fiance for a break before their wedding. Together with her best friend she flies from California to New York hoping that destiny would lead her soul mate back.

At the end of the movie after searching for their fate they find each other again. If you would ask if the things that will give a sign that they're destiny comes back to them? My answer is yes, it comes back to them before they do the search for each other. Fate bring the things to them just to proved that they were destiny.

Movie Review : Serendipity

The movie was good and very romantic. But I think the movie was impossible to happen in real life. I think we should not let the fate lead us. We are the one who create our own destiny. If you would only wait for your fate your life would be non-sense. We shouldn't wait for our soul mate instead have fun and meet other people. We would only realized the person is really meant for us if we accept him for who she/he is. Destiny is not about finding a sign but how you accept each other in spite of their weaknesses and let each other complete the other half of yourself. Soul mate is the one who complete yourself, not the one who will complete the sign. Don't look for the sign instead follow your heart and create your own fate with the one you love.


Anonymous said...

This film is one of my favorite romantic movie that i've ever watched and another reason its because of Kate B. she is one my favorite actress too. so thank you for posting a topic about this movie...

Jo said...

This was a mega cute movie, but I never read the book. I guess the idea of fate is romantic and all, but in reality to leave a strong connection up to a possible second meeting is silly. Oh well, cute movie either way. :)

Anonymous said...

A handsome film that touches all the right nerves and pushes all the right buttons, `Serendipity' has a gentle sensibility about it that addresses the notions of romance and love that reside within us all.

Anonymous said...

i've watched this film for so many times and still got caught by this wonderful romantic movie. well, i believe in serendipity.. however, i believe more on this: "everything happens for a reason.."

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