Resident Evil : Extinction

Years after the Raccoon City disaster, the T-Virus escaped and now spreading through the ground and threatens every human being undead, the Umbrella Corporation was unable to contain it. The virus spread all over the country infecting majority of the population and almost every living creatures become zombie, and the world itself is near on extinction. It appears that the Umbrella Corporation is the only organized society of living humans left in the world.

On the other hand, Alice, the Umbrella's greatest Bio-Organic Weapon, is now alone in the desert, struggling to survive and bring down the Umbrella Corporation lead by Albert Wesker and head researcher Dr. Isaacs. During her travel in the Nevada desert she once again join the forces with Carlos Olivera, along with new survivors Claire, Nurse Betty, K-Mart. Together they will try to eliminate the deadly virus that transform human into zombie.

Umbrella Corporation tried to locate Alice by using her psionic powers. Dr. Isaacs defies Wesker's direct orders and create a new super zombies transported to convoy's destination. While the forces of Alice is continuing to battle with the zombie's, the Umbrella staff sees Alice in the position and attempt to shutdown her but she resist and destroys the CPU on Umbrella's tracking Satellite.
Isaacs group tried to get Alice but he was accidentally bites by the zombie. On Umbrella's station after returning from the failed mission to get Alice, Issac was arrested and lock on his lab. Captain Slater was ordered by Wester to liquidate Issacs but when he is going to kill him on his lab he find him injecting himself with masses of the Anti virus. However, the effect on Isaac was opposite, he started to mutate and become tyrant. He kills all the employee in the facility.

The White Queens manages to trap Isaac and tells Alice that she must pass through lower level to create a cure for the infection, which her blood can do. Passing through the lower level she sees her clone in a vegetative state. While examining her clone Isaacs interrupts and attack Alice but she stabs him with a knife.

The clone then awakens and looks dying in Alice's arm so she covers it with her coat and leaves to kill Isaacs. Their battle happens in replica of Spencer Mansion, fighting using both telekinesis powers. The battle ended in a replica of the laser room and Isaacs was cut into pieces after the lasers has been activated. Alice is about to cut into pieces also when the lasers suddenly disappear.

At Tokyo, Japan, Wesker is having a meeting with the board of Umbrella and tells them that the North American branch has been lost, and he will now control further scientific experimentation from Japan. By using holographic technology Alice appear at the meeting and told them that she and her friends are coming for them now. Alice is standing besides with her clones when they stumble onto the rows of pods containing her other clones and the film ends.

Movie Review on Resident Evil : Extinction

The movie is fantastic. I enjoy it than the first sequel. The movie is not boring like the other thriller that I have watched before. Usually, I get bored when watching thriller movies but this movie is really worth watching. To all guys out there who was not yet able to watch it I recommend this movie and I'm sure you will love this movie.

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Darkwell said...

I haven't watch this movie yet and maybe I really won't!! I'm not a fan of resident evil...

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