Hellraiser 8 : Hellworld

Hellraiser 8 : HellworldEvil goes online in Hellraiser 8 : Hellworld. There is a popular game known as Hellworld. Once you played this game it will takes you through virtual version of The Lament Configuration itself. And if you die there's no way out to hell. You will sent straight to hell.

There is upcoming Hellworld(one of the most popular video game) shin-dig and a group of Hellraiser Hellworld fans is invited. Chelsea, Derrick, Allison and Mike are grieving the suicide of their friend Adam, who is addicted to internet game called Hellworld. Their former friend Jake blames them because they have not stopped playing the game even their friend Adam was unstable. When the group receive an invitation in Hellworld party Chelsea decide to join the group and surprisingly find Jake in the party. He explains that he was invited by the girl he met in chat room. The party was hosted by the owner of the place, who will shows some of his macabre collection. Sooner they will find out that they're having party in hell.

owner of macabre collection Cenobites in Hellraiser Hellworld

Movie Review on Hellraiser : Hellworld

I appreciate Hellraiser 8 : Hellworld, the plot was good and not boring. It is not the best sequel of Hellraiser but much better than the previous ones which only makes me sleep while watching. The movie also had a twist but I don't get confused with the story because it is well directed.


psyche said...

A popular game??? "Hellworld", oh that's weird...However that makes the movie with sense...I like this movie, it absolutely scares me a lot...

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for droppin' on my site, anyway, seems very creepy movie huh??.. nice pictures... also cool site...

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