Movie Poster of CinderellaWhat if you grow up with a beautiful face and nice skin but there's a shocking truth behind it?

Cinderella revolves around Hyun-soo and her mother, Yoon-hee, who is a plastic surgeon. She operated a number of Hyun-soo friends. But after the surgery that has been done to her daughter friends, the girls started to experience sinister side effects, seeing horrible visions, which leads them to do some pretty nasty stuff to themselves. Hyun's friends died into mysterious deaths, which lead her to find out the truth that her mother is hiding to her.

Hyun-soo is also experiencing weird things and heard a voice of a girl and telling her that he owns Hyun-soo face. Now, the only way Hyun-soo can save her own life is to find out the shocking truth, even though it threatens to destroy the close bond she shares with her mother.

Sooner she discovers a hidden basement and there, she comes to find a secret from her past that her face was owned by a girl who had been lost for so many years. The last scene will revealed the truth on how did it happen, that the face of a lost girl became her face.

Movie Review : Cinderella

The story is good and not boring. The movie is well directed in which every scene would explained the twists on the secret. At first I thought Hyun-soo is not the real daughter but at the end of the story I've realized she is the real daughter and her face was taken from the child that had been lost for so many years.

You can download the movie here : Cinderella


Anonymous said...

interesting.. i want to watch it. thanks for the heads up! nice blog!

Angel from said...

It is a thriller that really thrills and keeps in you in suspense! Oh, definitely worth your attention.

jamaine12 said...

Love horror movies and I'm gonna watch this one..^_^

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