The Lake House

The Lake House
What if you fall in love to someone whom you never met and the two of you lived two years apart? Would you still hold on? And think that someday you will met and feel the love for each other? There's a saying that if you love the person, you can wait. If it's true love, love will find the way. This is what happen to the love story of Kate Foster a doctor and Alex Wyler an architect who is the new owner of the lake house in this very touching story of love separate by time The Lake House.

The Lake House is a story of two person exchanging letter in different time with two years gap. They lived in the same house but at different time.

In 2006 Kate leaves the house together with his dog named Jack. She leaves a letter for the next tenant of the lake house at the mail box. But the letter is found by the owner two years before she leaves. They exchange letter until they found out, that they have different dates on the letter. Jack remember that he already met Kate before. Kate was still have a boyfriend at that time. The reason why the dog is with Kate it's because Jack gave his dog and the key of the lake house to Kate's ex-boyfriend because Alex wanted to live the lake house.

Kate and Alex planned to met in year 2006 of Valentines Day, but it didn't happened because Alex was hit by a car on that day. So, Kate rushes to the Lake House with her car and she writes a letter and put it on the mail box. On her letter she said to Alex not to come on Valentines Day on 2006 and don't cross the street but instead wait for another two years to meet on Valentines Day at the Lake house, and she will wait there.

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Movie Review : The Lake House

The story is two confusing because of different time of setting but the directors do it well which let the viewers understand the whole story little by little. The story was too impossible but deliver a good love story that tells that love can wait. In this romantic movie, love is possible even you haven't meet the person and you can wait even it requires many years just to see him.

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Potpot said...

worth to watch! ive seen this movie thrice. nice post by the way.

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