1408 Room1408 is adapted from terrifying short story of Stephen King a suspense master. It is a tale of a debunker of paranormal occurrences who encounter real terror when he checks in at Dolphin Hotel in evil Room 1408.

Mike Enslin played by John Cusack is a famous travel writer who believes only in what he sees with his own eyes. He investigates on haunted hotels around the world and then writes them for books and newspapers.

After receiving a mysterious postcard and read a terrifying story about the room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel, he cannot resist to check it for himself to finally experience the real paranormal phenomena. Upon arrival at the Dolphin Hotel the manager's was intrigue on Mike on why he likes to stay at room 1408 since the room has been closed for so many years because of some terrifying incident happen to guest who stay at room 1408. The managers do everything to warn him that no guest can stay for about and the cause of death was hard to explain.
Hallucination of John Cusack John Cusack
The movie is 100% haunted house type of scary and extremely psychological. Definitely it has a twists and turns but it was very well elaborated and plays out a very well movie. Every scene is much awaited if what would happen next, if its true or just an imagination. The room 1408 is really creepy Mike has been tortured by ghost with some creepy imagination. Mike looks like crazy after checking in at room 1408.

This film is totally amazing and gets my attention. Worth watching and John Cusack play his role very well. It was not boring and will wake you up with really scary scenes.

After watching this movie I was thinking if there's someone who could stay check in room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel.

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psyche said...

Beware on room 1408 they say that...Well that's true because the movie is absolutely horrifying...I really appreciate your review, I find it amazing...

brandonlaz said...

Room 1408: Even if you leave this room, you can never leave this room!

MC said...

Nice title for a movie. If you add those digits it will summed up to 13: 1+4+0+8 = 13. As I expected from Stephen king's wild imagination. The king of Horror stories.

black_hat said...

I think this is my first time to saw John Cusack in a thriller film.....I think this is gonna be another great horror film... :)

AshTooN said...

good movie but it was kind of dragging and found myself yawning a lot :)

Mrs. Thuro said...

I was kind of down on this one until the very last thirty seconds of the film when he played the tape and had that ominous look on his face. That changed everything for me.

Jian said...

John Cusak is great. He usually is. Samuel Jackson gives a wonderful performance. Whoever the little girl actress is--she also did a remarkable job.

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