Hellraiser 7 : Deader

Hellraiser 7 : Deader is about a journalist for London newspaper named Amy Klein who is sent to Bucharest to investigate an underground suicide cult which is lead by a guy named Clive Barker who possess a power to resurrect the dead. But once Amy pierces the underground scene, she realizes that there’s a certain box connected to the cult.

Like the other Hellraiser 5 and 6 it is another confusing story in which I can't figured out if which is flashback, which is dream and what is real. Amy experienced same tortured scene but different setting that she has a knife at her back and she was dying. Tortured scene started after getting a box from a girl who's known to commit suicide but the truth is the devil on that box do it. At her house Amy drink a few glass of wine and tortured scene started to possess her.


black_hat said...

hellraiser 7 is sure one of the great sequel and horror film.....

jane said...

I Love horror movies. This is a great one .

harry said...

Hey! i already watched Hellraiser: Bloodline it wasn't a good movie, it's full of pure shit!

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