House of Wax

House of Wax
House of Wax is horror film release to theaters on May 6, 2005. It is a remake to classic 1953 Andre de Toth film with the same title and “Mystery of the Wax Museum” that starred Vincent Price. Horrors abound in a creepy wax museum. The story started when groups of friends is on a road trip to a college football game when their trip turn worse, they decided to camp out for the night. A confrontation at the camp site with the mysterious trucker leaves everyone unsettled. The next morning that they wake up to find their car, they discover that Wade's car no longer works. They accept the invitation to ride into Ambrose, the only town that is near on the camp site. After arriving to the Ambrose's main attraction-- Trudy's House of Wax, which is made through wax sculptures. They were amazed with the house, which is look like a real wax sculptures. Upon exploring the museum they found out the entire museum is actually made from wax from floor to ceiling. They encounter different people who seem to be the only people around for miles. One is the trucker who collects roadkill, dumping the bodies of dead deer into a lousy swamp, the other is Bo, a gas station attendant who lures the kids back to his house. They also met Vincent, insane brother of Bo. While discovering the town secret they are staked by a mysterious killer and find themselves running to survive.

Taglines use in House of Wax

"Prey. Slay. Display."
"The flesh is weak. Wax is forever."
"There's a reason they look so real."

Movie Review: House of Wax

The house is really realistic and artistic because of the Wax sculptures. I like the horror scene on how the siamese brothers kill the teenager and transformed them into wax statues.

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