50 First Dates

50 First Date
50 First Dates was about the love story of Henry Roth, a marine veterinarian living in Hawaii who enjoys vacationing women until he meets Lucy, who is suffering a short-term memory loss. It started when Lucy was involved in a car accident. Because of that accident she had a brain damage resulting in Goldfield Syndrome. To prevent the short term-memories of Lucy's her father hide all new news paper after October 13, the date when the accident happen. She wakes up every morning believing that it's her father's birthday. She is unable to remember everything after that day.

Henry Roth meet Lucy at the breakfast shop and from that day he always go to the breakfast shop just to see Lucy. He do everything just to get the attention of Lucy not knowing the she has a short-term memory. Everyday they met it's like a first time. When Henry find out the situation of Lucy he gets an idea to make a short film that explains everything so that she can watch it everyday and she could remember all the happy moments that they spend together.

Movie Review : 50 First Dates

“It's really hard to do all those things everyday like a life cycle. But if you really felt true love you will do everything for her. Henry changes his past as a playboy and stay with Lucy. Even if they get old he will always do the same cycle just to remind his love to Lucy.”


Darkwell said...

It was a great movie...I like the part where Henry try to please her every day thinking of new strategy so Lucy could notice!!! It was sure fun.

S.L. said...

This film was really funny. I am so glad they didn't automatically cure her at the end from her love for Henry like what they sometimes do in other romance films.

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