Take the Lead

take the lead
Take the lead was release on cinema on April 7, 2006, inspired by a true story of Pierre Dulaine. Antonio Banderas played the character of Pierre Dulaine, who is a professional Manhattan ballroom teacher. He volunteers to teach the students in New York city public school as form of detention to students. On first meeting of Pierre class the students rejected his efforts to teach them classic dance. He inspires the student with his unwavering commitment and dedication. He catches the the students attention with his tango session and the students start to become curious and wants to learn the step. Pierre was able to combine his classic method with his students hip hop instincts and create a new style of dance. While learning ballroom dancing they also learned valuable lessons in life.

Movie Review: Take the Lead

I can say that this is one of the movie that really impress me. From the very start of the movie the background sound is really amazing, I think I also wanna dance with the tune but I think dance is not for me I would rather sing than dance. But there's two scene that really caught my attention, one is when Pierre and Morgan demonstrate the tango and inspires the students to learn tango, the second scene was when the students competing in the dance competition. Sasha, Danjou, and Ramos perform a very impressive tango, they re-mix the step of tango to their hip hop style of dancing. This movie is really worth to watched not just about dancing but give lessons in life. On dancing you have to trust your partner to be able to have a nice performance. In real life you have to trust yourselves to achieve your goal in life.

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