I was reading some forum post when I saw a Movie Clip that gets my attention and think that it's interesting to watch. Many members in the thread said that it's a nice movie, so I planned to watched it the next day. After watching it, I was satisfied with the movie. I have been watching so many horror film felt disappointed and get bored. But this time it's worth watching. To all horror fanatic out there I would really loved to recommend this great horror movie.

Hatchet started in the streets of New Orleans on Mardi Gras, a group of friends helps Ben to get over of his past relationship. Ben doesn't like to look at the boobs so his friend recommended the haunted boat tour thought the swamps. He doesn't know how haunted it is, but it turns out that the legends on that swamp is true. They end up on a tour boat with a slave tour guide, old couple, two silly girls who wants to be a movie stars, a fake director and a lonely girl who doesn't want to talk.

Upon riding into the boat a young man advise them not to continue their haunted boat tour because they will only die. But they don't hear the man, they still continue the haunted tour. While on the tour their boat hit into the stone and started to sink. So, they decided to go down to near place in the middle of the swamps. While going down the crocodiles from the swamps bite the old man legs and get injured.

Unknown to them, they were in the place of a monster killer who is just waiting to catch them. A lonely girl started to tell the legend of Victor Crowley.

Once there was a boy named Victor Crowley who born ugly and looks like a monster. Because of his look, kids and their neighbor are not good to him. He spends most of the time hiding himself in his father's house. One night, the children came to their house and throw firecrackers to annoy and scares him. When his Daddy arrived, the house was in flames. His Dad tried to open the door using hatchet, but he didn't know that Victor is in the other side of the door so he was hit by the hatchet in his face.

His Daddy thinks that Victor is already dead, he cried and never lived their house. Then after 10 years, he finally died.

And that's when the legend of Victor Crowley started. People tend to disappear in swamps near at Crowley's house.

After telling the legend of Victor Crowley their nightmare begins and most of the killing scene is totally tortured.

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Jian said...

If it is a great horror movie then i'll try to watch this later... I love Horror movies..

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