Knight and Day

June Haven (Cameron Diaz) is just an ordinary woman who's on her way way to Boston to attend her little sister's wedding and bringing along with her a suitcase of some car parts which she wanted to assemble and made as present for her sister's wedding while Roy Miller is a rogue CIA agent who's on for something that made him hot in the eyes of CIA people. The two had their first encounter in the airport when Miller tried to bump Haven intentionally unknown to the woman that her suitcase was being used by Miller to escape airport security. Smartly, she passed by security as she fondly declares all her suitcase contents and walk straight for her flight check in. Again, on her way to board the plane, she was bumped by Miller though this time Miller invite her to join him for they are on the same flight to Boston. Boarding with Miller and to her dismay that she was refused by the flight attendant insisting that she was not booked for that flight. Her trying charms and reasoning to win the flight attendant was unsuccessful as she follows a desperate look on Miller with his words “Sometimes things happen for a reason,” and he boards alone. ... and that was the start of their glamorous and deadly adventures, waking up in different parts of the world to battle between betrayal, trust and truth.

Movie Review: Knight and Day

This is a nice action comedy tandem of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Knight and Day is a relaxed and likable movie plus the locations were fantastic! Fair enough kind of movie worth my time and money!

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