Alone (2007 horror movie)

Alone is a 2007 Thai horror film starring Marsha Wattanapanich. Parkpoom Wongpoom and Banjong Pisanthanakun directed the film which is also the director of Shutter horror film.

Alone is a story of Pim who moved from Thailand to Korea to escape the guilt of being the surviving half of the conjoined twin.

Pim was born as a twin, conjoined at the stomach with her sister, Ploy. Ploy acted as an older sister, and was very protective of Pim. While they were staying in a hospital, Pim and Ploy met a boy named Wee. Although they both loved him, Wee only returned his affections to Pim, which made Ploy angry and jealous. Finally Wee recovers from his illness and was able to leave. As he is getting into the car, Wee decided that he wanted to see Pim for the last time. Since the twins' room was on the second floor, he decides to call to her but Ploy would doesn’t like to get out of bed even Pim wants to see Wee . Wee is upset and leaves. Angry with tears, Pim decided that she and Ploy must be separated. The twins had an operation to separate them, but Ploy did not survive.

Several years later Pim who is now living in South Korea with Wee, receives a phone call from Thailand that her mother had a stroke. When Pim and Wee return to Thailand, Pim is always seeing the ghost of Ploy. Wee becomes curious into Pim’s family affairs and he learns that Pim is actually Ploy. It is reveled in a flashback that Ploy strangled Pim in a jealous rage after Pim demanded to be separated with her twins. Their mother arrived when Pim is already dead. That’s why in order to save the life of Ploy the doctors had to amputate Pim's corpse from Ploy. Ploy pretends to be Pim’s identity in order to be with Wee.

After confronting Ploy, Ploy takes Wee hostage, but not before killing her mother. However, Wee escapes, and the ensuing fight with Ploy causes the house to catch on fire. Wee escapes, but a shelf falls on Ploy. Trapped underneath, Pim's ghost confronts and holds her down, taking Ploy with her as burning debris rains down around them. In the end, Wee visits Pim's grave, apologizes, and places a necklace on her tombstone.

Movie Reviews : Alone 2007

Overall the film is great. I like the way they directed the twist of the story. Before seeing the flash back of what really happens to Pim and Ploy I didn't realized that Ploy is just pretending to be Pim’s identity. I give this movie a rate of 10/10. I am recommending this movie to all.

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