Iron Man 2008 Film

Iron Man is a 2008 film directed by Jon Favreau which is based on fictional Marvel Comics. The film starred by Robert Downey as Tony Stark who is an industrialist billionaire and master engineer who is captured by terrorists in Afghanistan to build a missile for them. But instead of building a missile he uses his resources to build a powered exoskeleton to make himself escape. Returning to United States, Stark improves his armor and he becomes superhero called Iron Man.

Movie Review : Iron Man

The film was very nice. I really love this. I never thought that it would be more creative and realistic. Once you see this movie you'll love to watch it over and over again. The effects was totally amazing. I'll recommend this movie to everyone. Watch it and you'll never regret because the film is fantastic. I'll rate this film 10 out of 10.

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